My promises

Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to encourage and equip the iGens in my circle of influence to find their voice and hold their elders accountable for the health of this little part of You we call Delta, BC, Canada.

I promise to consume less beef and dairy.

I promise to never again buy a fossil fuel powered vehicle. Our next family car will be electric.

I promise to encourage Alan to commute to work on an electric motorcycle and only use the truck when absolutely necessary.

I promise to plant trees.

I promise to drive less and ride my bike to the shops more frequently.

I promise to cook on the stove rather than the barbecue. I promise to have fewer propane campfires.

I promise to figure out how the Emotional Energy Symbols can change human behaviour to your benefit. Once I figure out how it will work, I will do whatever is required to start the change.

I make these promises so that you can cool off.