I’m finally getting it

I’m getting it, Mother Earth. I’m finally getting it.

I have something rare which will keep me busy for a lifetime and beyond. And what have I done? I have let the old patterns of distraction and overloading push the Emotional Symbols Course to the back burner, when it can be the only meal on the stove, a meal rich and sustaining enough for this vehicle.

I am a fool. I have been called to write down, organize and disseminate this critical spiritual information about how emotional energy really works in the Universal Mind at all levels, including ours.

I have been distracted. I have been remiss in my spiritual ambitions, lacking in courage, and taking the obstacles too seriously when in fact there are none, really, that I can’t handle.

The ESC is important not just for humans but for your well-being. It provides a framework for a new spirituality, a harmonious, more meaningful way of living with you.

You are a training ground. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for our learning. You suffer our grinding destruction, but we don’t have to be so hard on you.

Actually, we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves. That’s a better way of putting it.

My mind is decluttering itself.

I know  distractions like the degree in holistic life coaching and the research study have kept me from introducing this NEW, RARE, INSPIRED information to the world too soon, but the time is now. The window (2012-2032) is wide open. I am going to jump through it with the ESC as my golden parachute.


I promise, Mother Earth, when abundance flows to me in vast amounts I will return it to you like a river of protection. I will make parks. I will build spiritual places. I will create reminders of your holy presence and our need for you where there are currently none. I will defend you. I promise.

I’m getting it, Mother Earth.

You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of all. But I ask respectfully that you let me guide humanity toward emotional energies which will sustain and improve your life and ours.