My promises

Dear Mother Earth,

I promise to encourage and equip the iGens in my circle of influence to find their voice and hold their elders accountable for the health of this little part of You we call Delta, BC, Canada.

I promise to consume less beef and dairy.

I promise to never again buy a fossil fuel powered vehicle. Our next family car will be electric.

I promise to encourage Alan to commute to work on an electric motorcycle and only use the truck when absolutely necessary.

I promise to plant trees.

I promise to drive less and ride my bike to the shops more frequently.

I promise to cook on the stove rather than the barbecue. I promise to have fewer propane campfires.

I promise to figure out how the Emotional Energy Symbols can change human behaviour to your benefit. Once I figure out how it will work, I will do whatever is required to start the change.

I make these promises so that you can cool off.





You are creative

lines in the desert
you drew those with the weather
which you control like a fine point pen
with your mind
I appreciate your artistry
I’m inspired by it
do you also create my breathing pattern?
or do we co-create it with your mind-pen and mine?

I’m getting something

we co-create with our emotional energy
for that is the building block of All That Is
show me how you feel, Mama
can I read your mood and divine what you are currently creating?
where do I find the signs?

they are right in front of you dummy
you can read her mood with the symbols and then figure out what is coming next

emotions as you call them are the fundamental building block of everything

Mother Earth has feelings and she creates with them


Video of you

It’s cold this morning, yet the afternoons have been unseasonably warm. I was reminded again this weekend that we only have 12 years before we cannot easily live here. And I’m cold this morning so I am reaching for a better feeling thought which took me to looking for images of you so that I can read the emotional energies that are creating you in present time. And again, I was distracted and saw next to the video of you from space¬†a video of space. And it made me want to go home…but not yet. You are my home and I have work to do.


I’m finally getting it

I’m getting it, Mother Earth. I’m finally getting it.

I have something rare which will keep me busy for a lifetime and beyond. And what have I done? I have let the old patterns of distraction and overloading push the Emotional Symbols Course to the back burner, when it can be the only meal on the stove, a meal rich and sustaining enough for this vehicle.

I am a fool. I have been called to write down, organize and disseminate this critical spiritual information about how emotional energy really works in the Universal Mind at all levels, including ours.

I have been distracted. I have been remiss in my spiritual ambitions, lacking in courage, and taking the obstacles too seriously when in fact there are none, really, that I can’t handle.

The ESC is important not just for humans but for your well-being. It provides a framework for a new spirituality, a harmonious, more meaningful way of living with you.

You are a training ground. You are willing to sacrifice yourself for our learning. You suffer our grinding destruction, but we don’t have to be so hard on you.

Actually, we don’t have to be so hard on ourselves. That’s a better way of putting it.

My mind is decluttering itself.

I know  distractions like the degree in holistic life coaching and the research study have kept me from introducing this NEW, RARE, INSPIRED information to the world too soon, but the time is now. The window (2012-2032) is wide open. I am going to jump through it with the ESC as my golden parachute.


I promise, Mother Earth, when abundance flows to me in vast amounts I will return it to you like a river of protection. I will make parks. I will build spiritual places. I will create reminders of your holy presence and our need for you where there are currently none. I will defend you. I promise.

I’m getting it, Mother Earth.

You are willing to sacrifice yourself for the greater good of all. But I ask respectfully that you let me guide humanity toward emotional energies which will sustain and improve your life and ours.

Why I created this blog

It’s a combination of things: a synchronized dance of ideas from within and without.

Without, I saw a message on Facebook that said we will be running out of carbon credits in 15 years and Mother Earth will cook us, drown us, suffocate us.

During meditation, I was moved to tell the earth that I appreciate and love her. This is a beautiful place to train, learn, evolve.

Acting on my feeling of appreciation is spiritually purifying. It helps me do my work as a channel. So I created this blog to help me commune with our planet, our Mother Earth.

I know she’s listening. Her ears are everywhere.